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Dec. 2022 - Jan. 2023

Short Action-Platformer game with metroidvania elements. Fulfill the will of the  insidious Illuminati like their henchman, making your way through the crowds of wickedness to your goal, located in the bowels of an ancient castle.

The game will try to challenge you in battles, especially with boss-fights. You will also have to overcome various obstacles and traps, find a secrets on your way and fulfill your destiny, but does it coincide with what the Illuminati want from you?

The game is short, for one evening, it will take about 3 hours.

This is the first game I've ever created (almost alone) in which I practiced making games. I gained experience, from scratch, in programming skills, game design in different areas, etc.

The game was created on GameMaker Studio 2. I also used graphics, sounds and music assets. (i modified something, rework something, even connected a friend to he would upgrade his skills in pixelart, but i also created something by myself). For the first experience, I decided that the game would be free.

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